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Foods: Carrots, Spinach, Kale
Nutrient inhibiting factors:
Strenuous exercise, stress, alcohol, antibiotics, low fat intake
  • Most important in fighting infections as it provides strength to cell walls, which protect the inner parts of cells from attack by pollution and other toxins, and from viruses, bacteria, and other pathogenic organisms
  • Improves the functions of the white blood cells
  • Beta-carotene is the most potent antioxidant carotenoid
  • Smoking depletes the store of carotenoids in the body
  • Carotenoids improve cellular connections and may prevent the development of cancerous cells
  • Vital for the growth of healthy skin and hair
  • Aids in the repair of damaged skin and reduction of scar tissue
  • Required for the removal of dead skin
  • Vitamin A can assist in balancing hormonal function, help with acne
  • A deficiency of vitamin A can lead to impaired reproduction
  • Essential for all cellular and bone growth
  • Required for the effective use and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus
  • Essential for good eyesight, especially in dim lighting
  • Required for peripheral (side vision) and for correct color vision
  • Low protein diets may restrict the effective use of Vitamin A
  • Alcohol consumption causes a loss of vitamin A via the liver
  • Protects the linings of the throat, mouth, trachea, nose, and lungs from infection, pollution, dust, and smoke
  • Vitamin A is required for the growth of muscular tissues and for the repair of damaged tissues
  • Two main forms of vitamin A:
    Preformed vitamin A- retinol (animal sources)
    Preformed vitamin A- carotenoids (plants)
For more information, please see me at Norwell Athletic Club (NAC).
Yours in Health,
Silke Heine, Owner of Simplify Holistic Nutrition