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The ability to SIMPLIFY means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. ~Hans Hofmann
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They all have such great results and report back so many health improvements.
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Nutrition and Hypnotherapy Workshop
Simplify Holistic Nutrition Consulting was started by Silke Heine to pursue her aspirations of helping people with wellness issues, and guide them to get back on track, the holistic approach...
In partnership with KBMO Diagnostics, we will be able to offer the Food Inflammation Test (FIT Test) to my clients.

Simplify Holistic Nutrition Consulting

Now serving you to change your health and life!

What We Do
At Simplify...we recognize that supplementation is not a substitute for wholesome, nutritious eating habits.
At Simplify...we respect our clients, their wellness goals, their personal tastes, values and morals.
At Simplify...we accept the unique contribution of other healthcare providers, and the need to work cooperatively with them regardless of their discipline, holistic or allopathic.
At Simplify...we acknowledge that every person is biochemically different and has unique needs.
At Simplify...we are aware of the meaning of Holistic Nutrition, the interconnection of body mind and spirit and the importance of getting to know our clients in advance of suggesting lifestyle and nutrition changes.
At Simplify...we understand that self-responsibility and prevention are key to any successful health care program.