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The ability to SIMPLIFY means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. ~Hans Hofmann

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This is what we can offer our LOCAL CLIENTS visiting Silke Heine, PhD personally in her office in Norwell:

30-Minute Complementary Meeting
The first meeting, we offer for free!
We reserve a 30-minute complementary meeting for our clients to get to know each other, fill out questionnaires, food diaries and determine if a Holistic Nutrition approach and dietary changes are right for YOU!
1-Hour Consultation/Coaching Session
The next meeting, our clients receive well-prepared lists and educational tools to change their diets matching their personal health situation and wellness goals, following the newest research in Holistic Nutrition. This meeting consist of a 1-hour intense educational consultation, that will leave you with the full knowledge to move forward towards your goals.

This 1-hour prepared personalized initial consultation costs $ 149.

Now available via phone or Zoom
For some clients, this 1-hour meeting is too much information! They prefer to meet twice, for 30 minutes instead, to avoid being overwhelmed. Those 2 meetings can be 2 weeks apart from each other, to help our clients implement change.

These two 30-minute meetings cost $ 79 each.
30-Minute Consultation/Coaching Session
We also offer a single 30-minute consultation/coaching session for $ 79 by appointment.

Now available via phone or Zoom
A waiver will be signed by local clients during the first meeting with Silke Heine in her office.

If you are unable to get to Silke’s office (due to illness or immobility), but prefer to continue seeing Silke in person, please print and sign the underneath waiver and return as a scanned document back to Silke before meeting in person.

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