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The ability to SIMPLIFY means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. ~Hans Hofmann

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#36 - April 2021 — Simplify Holistic News
Spring is Here! Time to Cleanse and Heal Your Body!
Welcome Spring! I can’t believe it is here.
How are you doing?
Springtime is time to cleanse the body!
While many of us get vaccinated, I would like to encourage you all to think about cleansing your body with healthy foods.

#35 - March 2021 — Simplify Holistic News
An Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Might Create More Antibodies After the COVID-19 Vaccine
How are you all doing? It is almost March, and we are moving into the 'National Nutrition Month.' In March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics focuses attention on healthful eating. This year’s theme is, ‘Personalize your Plate,' which promotes creating nutritious meals to meet individuals' cultural and personal food preferences.

#34 - February 2021 — Simplify Holistic News
A Whole Foods Diet Can Prevent, Treat, and Heal Illnesses
February is here. It is amazing to me that at a time where all our lives are so different, time still flies. 
My 93-year-old mom is vaccinated twice, feels great, and feels more worry-free.

#33 - January 2021 — Simplify Holistic News
Wishing You and Your Families the BEST HEALTH in 2021!
From my heart I wish you and your families the BEST 2021! May the WHOLE WORLD be blessed with Health, Happiness, Recovery, and the return of something that feels familiar to the "Old Normal."

#32 - December 2020 — Simplify Holistic News
Health, Peace, and Happy Holidays
With all my heart I wish you all happy and healthy holidays with much hope for the year 2021! This year went by fast despite all uncertainties.

#31 - November 2020 — Simplify Holistic News
Giving a 'Gift of Health' Takes on a New Meaning
It is hard to grasp that it is almost November. Thanksgiving is around the corner, and my husband and I decided to travel to Germany...

#30 - October 2020 — Simplify Holistic News
Break Bad Eating Habits! We are Offering Handcrafted, Creative Meal Plans Just For You...
First the term of a "New Normal" felt unreal, but I clearly find myself in a "New Normal" in my ever day life. Most of my day happens at home,...

#29 - September 2020 — Simplify Holistic News
FIT Tests in the NEW NORMAL
How are you? I hope all is well, and you have settled into a "New Normal," that agrees with your comfort zone of feeling safe. For me this is the perfect time to reflect on my priorities, try...

#28 - July 2020 — Simplify Holistic News
The Immune System is the First Body System that Reacts to Dietary Changes!
While we all adjust to our 'new normal', worrying about the threat of the Corona Virus, I have been studying the Immune System. Some people laugh about my never- ending...

#27 - June 2020 — Simplify Holistic News
About 70 % of Our Immune System Is Located
in the Gut Lining!
Hopefully you and your loved ones are doing well in these "New Normal" times of COVID-19.
The last years in my life have been so busy trying to fit it all in, working, studying, being there for my family and friends in the U.S. and in Germany, that taking care of my own health has sometimes...

#26 - April 2020 — Simplify Holistic News
Time to Get FIT and Support Your Liver Health
From my home to yours I am sending lots of positive thoughts, strength, and resilience at a time that even my 93-year-old mom has never experienced. I hope you and your loved ones are healthy!
My mom sounds helpless on our daily phone conversation, and she always tells me that there is nothing we can do...

#25 - March 2020 — Simplify Holistic News
Self-Care and Immunity — What Can You Do?
Hopefully this newsletter finds you all well! My husband and I returned from Europe a day before the European travel restrictions were in place and we are happy to be home. We use all safety precautions, and have quarantined ourselves for two weeks,...

#24 - February 2020 — Simplify Holistic News
'Start Spring Healthy and Strong' - My Best Newsletter Yet! Please read...
Coming back from a week of absorbing the newest research/trends/health outcomes at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium in NY, I can share that Nutrition, specifically an Anti- Inflammatory Diet concept is it!

#23 - January 2020 — Simplify Holistic News
A Healthy, New You This 2020
You are probably like me, busy and so in the swing of this new exciting year, that it is easy to forget, that it just started...
A new decade sounds like a wonderful opportunity to get things right!

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