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Foods:  Romaine Lettuce, Asparagus, Crimini Mushrooms, Spinach, Sunflower seeds
Nutrient inhibiting factors:
Alcohol, tobacco, stress, refined foods and drinks, processing, cooking, antibiotics, tannin, caffeine, antacids
  • Sufficient daily intake of vitamin B1 is required for the health of the immune system
  • Deficiency can result in damage to nerve endings, sciatica, muscle cramps, poor coordination, tiredness, lack of concentration, and compromised learning ability
  • B1 is essential for the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which activates muscle action
  • Alcohol depletes the reserves of this vitamin; excess alcohol intake can increase the need for B1 by a factor of 10 to 100
  • The process of digestion is dependent on B1
  • Deficiency can lead to loss of appetite, anorexia, accumulation of fat in the arteries, constipation, and stomach ulcers
  • Vital for children’s growth because it helps to increase their appetite and enhances the absorption of nutrients from food
  • Essential to increase the intake of B1 during pregnancy and lactation, and is vital for adult fertility
  • Thiamine increases oxygen absorption within blood, which promotes mental function and physical activity
  • Intake of caffeine, antibiotics, and the contraceptive pill deplete vitamin B1 by acting as diuretics, which remove water-soluble vitamins
For more information, please see me at Norwell Athletic Club (NAC).
Yours in Health,
Silke Heine, Owner of Simplify Holistic Nutrition