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The ability to SIMPLIFY means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. ~Hans Hofmann

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Winter is the coldest and darkest of all seasons.
It is time for the living creatures to find shelter,
while nature’s crops are in storage.

We do need to take extra care of ourselves
during the cold winter months,
especially here in the Northeast,
in the climate we live in,
being so close to the ocean.

Winter is a busy time,
with the holidays and all expectations
that seem to be part of this season,...
Don't wait another year —
or another day!
Keep that promise you've made to yourself!
Discover the healthy diet plan
that delivers results
you'll see — and feel in just six weeks!
You know you should "eat better."
Less fast food. More fruits and vegetables.
Cut the sugar and salt. Add lean protein.
You've heard it before, and maybe even tried it before.
It sounds so simple. Why is it so hard to do?
And, more important, is there some way to make it work?