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I am very excited to announce, that through a partnership with KBMO Diagnostics...

I am now offering the FIT 44 to my clients. After the test results return from the lab, I review them with my clients and provide the necessary recommendations.
Please read, and understand my waiver before purchasing any items, so you decide if the agreement works for you depending on the state you live in.
Before we will be able to work together for any services, and before KBMO Diagnostics will be asked to send you the test kit, please return your waiver and your payment.
Thank you so much for understanding!
Which Food Inflammation Test is right for you?
The FIT 44

The FIT 44 is a Delayed Food Sensitivity test, that detects Inflammation through food. The test employs unique methods that detect both IgG Antibody and Immune Complexes together to determine the reactivity of each sample against a wide variety of food antigens. Measuring both, IgG and Immune Complexes together increases the sensitivity over other tests, which measure IgG alone.


The FIT 44 is a simple blood test that is available as a finger-prick test!

The FIT 44 measures the sensitivity to 44 foods, colorings, and additives
spanning all major food groups:
Dairy Vegetables Meats
Grains Beans Extracts & Miscellaneous
Fruits Spices Seeds
Additives Fish Shellfish
Click here to view the list of the foods we test in FIT 44.
The report depicts the results for 44 foods from common food groups displayed in an easy to read color coded graph that shows the foods which cause the highest sensitivities. This easy to use, one-page graph of clearly listed foods will help my clients and their medical healthcare community with treatment options. Elimination of the most reactive foods is recommended to reduce and calm down the antibody response. It takes about 6-8 weeks to reach that goal, and after that a guided reintroduction will determine if the food choice is safe to eat occasionally.
Depending on symptoms and reactions, another FIT Test is advised to prove the positive changes.
How will you be able to receive the FIT 44
at Simplify Holistic Nutrition Consulting?
For our local clients:
Anybody interested in the test (who is not part of my existing client base), please make an appointment, and see me for a 30-minute meeting to fill out questionnaires and let me understand your goals!
Long Distant Clients and the FIT 44
We offer the FIT 44 to clients throughout the world. Please read and sign/return the attached waiver first so that you understand and agree to the terms.
Once the waiver and payment is received, KBMO Diagnostics will send you a test kit in the mail. You will perform the test at home (it is an easy finger prick!), and send it in the mail to KBMO Diagnostics. Once I receive the test results, I will  reach out and explain the results to you by appointment. Our conversation will take about 45 minutes.
If you prefer to work with a local provider, please call KBMO Diagnostics at 617-933-8130 to ask which provider could be closest to you!
Upgrade from FIT 132 Test to FIT 176 Test:

For clients who have received the FIT 132 Test and would love to upgrade with the FIT 44 Test to the combined FIT 176 Test, we will need the test accession number of the FIT 132 Test. I will offer a 1-hour test review for my clients instead of 45 minutes, a 7-day meal plan and an invitation to the app, where you see your test results and meal plan on your phone. Please call for clarification!

Foods We Test in FIT 44