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The ability to SIMPLIFY means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. ~Hans Hofmann

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Take Charge of Your Own Health!

I do feel part of a movement, where we, as individuals, have to take charge of our own health and wellbeing. This movement is called Integrative Healthcare, where all healthcare providers will come together as a team to complement each other for the wellbeing of their clients/patients.

Integrative Medicine, according to Dr. Andrew Weil, Director of the Integrative Medicine program at the University of Arizona, is "...based on a physician/patient partnership within which conventional and alternative modalities are used to stimulate the body's natural healing potential. It neither rejects conventional medicine nor uncritically accepts alternative practices."

I will participate in a New York City nationwide Symposium to learn more about Integrative Healthcare. I am talking to more doctors who like the idea of adding me with my Holistic Nutrition approach to their patient recommendations.

Complimentary treatments that have a positive impact on healing and recovery or simply help clients/patients to relax and feel more balanced, are becoming more acknowledged as our responsibility to stay healthy. Exercising and Healthy Eating should be a big part of everybody's lives, and not just a New Year's resolution! Taking time to work out, sitting in the steam room or the sauna, taking time for a massage, going to a yoga or Pilates class or seeing me for a personalized Holistic Nutrition Consultation, are all important pieces of our own Heath Puzzle. Adding more healthful food choices, more healthful personal products and cleaning products to our daily routines changes the way we feel and lessens the toxic load.

I do encourage you to take charge of your own health by putting a plan in place to make room in your busy lives for all pieces of the Health Puzzle.

Please read the testimonial from one of my seminar participants, Nancy Schoenfeld, who participated in the seminar "The 6-Week Plan for Healthy Eating", after the newest research from Harvard Medical School.

Simplify Winter Spring Seminar Poster
Winter Diet
Winter is the coldest and darkest of all seasons.It is time for the living creatures to find shelter, while nature's crops are in storage.
As the winter weather here is mainly cold, a warming diet, that produces heat is necessary for our overall immunity and wellbeing.

I just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoyed the seminar taught by Silke Heine, "The 6-Week Plan for Healthy Eating". I consider it to be the best learning experience I have ever had, and on a most important subject. I found the seminar to be well thought out and excellently presented. Particularly impressive was Silke's inclusion of the most recent studies and findings from two of our top medical schools. I also greatly appreciated the fact that if Silke personally disagreed with any of the findings, e.g. that peanuts are not bad for you, you supported your position with compelling reasoning. Additionally, the handouts and other literature which was provided has been a great help to me in meal planning.

As a result of taking Silke's seminar, I have become aware of all the unhealthy things I had been doing to my body, and have become motivated to change that pattern.

With Silke's help, I am on my way to a better and healthier me.

I heartily recommend this seminar to anyone who is seeking knowledge about how to achieve better health. After all, life is about family, friends, and love, and good health is a key ingredient.

Thanks again,

(781) 883-5951
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Sign up for our Newsletter to receive the latest, advanced health Science, research, news, and updates delivered to your inbox.
Silke Heine
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January 2015
Issue 1
Since starting my own business, Simplify Holistic Nutrition Consulting, my life became more meaningful, clearly more exciting, and definitely much more social. The last 10 years, studying Holistic Nutrition mainly from home, while raising my beautiful children, Lisa and Daniel, have been very quiet. I am always keeping "balance" in the back of my mind, not just in nutrition, but also during my everyday life while assessing the stages in which my life seems to unfold. My new business does bring some balance back, and working at the Norwell Athletic Club in my beautiful office, being part of amazing teams, which are now all interconnected, from Nutrapy in Hanover and now New England Wellness Solutions in the Norwell Athletic Club, to Pure Pilates has become a big part of redefining my balance and is simply so much fun!
Please come and visit and check out all these amazing Wellness Opportunities with great personal trainers, holistic practitioners and classes. Take advantage of what all of these businesses have to offer to simply make you feel better!!!
We all have so much more to offer working as a team!
In Health and Happiness,
Silke Heine
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