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The Newest on Acid Minerals
Chlorine (Cl) — Acid Mineral
Chlorine stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach which aids in protein digestion
Copper (Cu) — Acid Mineral
Foods: Calf’s Liver, Spinach Seeds, Sesame seeds
RDA for adults= 900 mcg
Pregnant females= 1000 mcg
Lactating females= 1300 mcg
Fluoride (F) — Acid Mineral
Foods: Beets
Fluoride from natural foods is termed calcium fluoride
Iodine (I) — Acid Mineral
Foods: Sea Vegetables: (Kelp), Yogurt, low-fat milk
RDA: Adults= 150 mcg
Pregnant Females= 220 mcg
Phosphorus (P) — Acid Mineral
RDA: 700 mg
Inhibiting factors: Excess antacids, magnesium, refined foods, stress, sugar
Silicon (Si) — Acid Mineral
Food: Lettuce
Protects nervous system, especially during stress
Sulfur (S) — Acid Mineral
Promotes the absorption of protein and the conversion of amino acids
Stimulates the liver to produce bile for fat digestion
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