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The ability to SIMPLIFY means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. ~Hans Hofmann
Sodium (Na) — Alkaline Mineral
Foods: Celery and kelp
  • Required for normal and consistent blood pressure
  • Vital for keeping other minerals soluble within the bloodstream and for prevention of hardened arteries
Potassium (K) — Alkaline Mineral
Foods: Swiss Chard, Crimini Mushrooms, Spinach
AI= 4.7g
Lactating Females= 5.1g
Inhibiting factors: Excess alcohol, antibiotics, coffee, diuretics, laxatives, salt, stress  
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Manganese (Mn) — Alkaline Mineral
Foods: Cinnamon, Romaine Lettuce, Pineapple
AI: Adult Male= 2.3 mg
Adult Female= 1.8 mg
Pregnant Females= 2 mg
Lactating Females= 2.6 mg
  • Assists in the digestion, absorption and utilization of protein, carbs, and lipids
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Magnesium (Mg) — Alkaline Mineral
Foods: Swiss Chard, Spinach, Summer squash
RDA: Male 19-30= 400 mg
Male 30+= 420 mg
Female 19-30= 310 mg
Female 31+= 320 mg
Pregnant Females= 360 mg
Inhibiting factors: Alcohol, antibiotics, caffeine, diuretics, nicotine  
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Iron (Fe) — Alkaline Mineral
Foods: Spinach, Turmeric, Swiss Chard
RDA: Male Adult= 8 mg
Female 19-50= 18 mg
Female 51+= 8 mg
Pregnant Women= 27 mg
Lactating Women= 9 mg
Inhibiting factors: Excess aspirin, antacids, antibiotics, caffeine and tannin, codeine  
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The Newest on Minerals
Calcium (Ca) — Alkaline Mineral
CATEGORY: Nutrients in Food
Foods: Spinach, Collard Greens, Basil
RDA: Male 19-70= 1000 mg
Male 70+= 1200 mg
Female 19-50= 1000 mg
Female 50+= 1200 mg
Inhibiting factors: Alcohol, antibiotics, chocolate, diuretics, oxalic acid, refined foods, rhubarb, salt  
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